The story behind

Craftomoto is a creative collaboration that explores new business ventures and joins them with our mutual hobbies and interests. Simply said – it’s a platform for various projects that are related to design, innovation, custom build, but also vintage culture that we actively promote through dance and fashion, as well as through our blog reports.

Since we’re doing a whole bunch of various projects, it was time to present them in some way, so last year we started this website. There are few major projects and a good deal of smaller ones – but our primary goal is to finish our custom Ford Capri from ’73. This is a story for itself, it’s something that’s running for almost 15 years now (no, it’s not a typo), and now it’s finally coming to an end.

This project is followed by making a teardrop trailer as well. Last summer we decided to embark on a journey, from our home town Zagreb, Croatia, all the way to North Cape. It’s a very ambitious plan and we’re working very hard to make it happen. You can follow the process through our blog posts and our Facebook page, but also sponsor us, if you feel like it.

For all questions and conditions about sponsorship, please contact us directly to our email:

You can hire us for:

- Graphic design and illustration
- Innovation and prototyping
- Device art technical solutions
- Theatrical props
- Disability products
- Custom car parts
- Custom furniture
- Dance performing & tasters
Goga Pavlek
Graphic designer

Goga Pavlek, graduate designer and member of the Croatian Designers Society. Since 2007 works in the field of visual communications, including visual identity, promotional material and websites, publications, packaging, branding and illustration. Wins national and international awards, individually and as a member of a design team for commissioned and self-initiated projects.


Vedran Relja

Vedran Relja deals with robotics innovation, and creates technical solutions and art installations for many designers and artists, pieces of theater sets and props, parts for the tuning and car styling, custom items of furniture and supplies for people with special needs. So far won numerous awards in the field of technological development and innovation in Croatia and abroad.